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Returning Home_(0)

I want to tell her, she's the best personal assistant I've had but that will have to wait until later when I can put two words together. Allowing Betsy plenty of time to arouse herself, I gently take her cheek in my hand looking deeply into her eyes as I lower my lips. Betsy, aroused, moans softly as my tongue darts forward, " Please No. No. NO! I made a mistake John." I sense reluctance as my arms reach behind the quivering Betsy and I draw her near as my tongue slips between her lips. As she is softly moaning my tongue explores the warm and inviting oral cavity. Her white blouse is soaked as she is dragged against my sweating chest. The moisture soaks against her lace covered breasts the moisture between her legs turns into a torrent. The crotch of her panties becoming soaked. My probing tongue brings her back to reality, after struggling for a short time, she is thrusting her tongue against my tongue and writhing her now soaked body against my partially clad body. As Betsy writhes against me, I bring my hand down between us and find the hem of her dress.

Betsy feels my hand searching, probing for her panties and tries to back away only to find my other arm holding her tight against me. Desperately, she begs, " Please no. You mustn't. I can't." I have no reason to listen to the aroused Betsy. I know she is dripping wet and ready to receive my big snake deep into her tight warm body. I continue to stroke the over heated Betsy as I begin to lower the zipper of her dress. The sound is deafening as I enjoy lowering the zipper micro inch by micro inch. When the zipper is completely down I pull the up over her head. As the dress falls to the floor I allow my fingers to search the hair covered pussy lips. As my fingers brush the hooded pleasure Betsy moans softly. Her moaning increases in volume and need as my fingers insert themselves into the wet warm tight pussy. As I thrust my fingers forward Betsy nearly collapses on the floor. As she falls I follow her path continuing to thrust into her. I allow my thumb to massage the hooded clit and the combination brings Betsy to her first orgasm. 

I continue my finger fucking as my other hand caresses her long supple legs. I pull her high heels off along with the panties. My fucking continues while I discard the panties. Betsy, dazed opens her eyes, as she does sees the huge cock come into view as I lower my shorts. The massive cock is nearly ten inches in length and is as wide as her wrist. Betsy struggles to scoot away from the pleasure giving hand as she slides along the carpet. She is no match for me as I easily position myself between her spread legs. Grabbing her by the shoulder, I knee walk between her widely splayed legs forcing her long legs back. In total terror at the size of my massive cock. Betsy pleads with her eyes. Begging, she pleads for the sanctity of her precious tight pussy; " Please, you are too large. You will hurt me. I can't let anyone have me. I made a mistake." Ignoring her useless babbling, I issue one simple order, " I want you to put my cock in your tight pussy." 

Brazenly burning a hole into her from my stare I wait until her delicate hands grasp the huge woman destroyer 
and gently brings its ugly purple head to the entrance of her womanhood. Turning her head she tries to blot out 
the next frightening seconds as I burrow the huge organ into the tight and delicate receptacle of lust. 
The tightness of her love canal is awesome and she barely comprehends its massiveness. As I continue to pummel the fragile opening a spark of pleasure emerges from the clenching love receptacle. The pleasure rapidly spreading as Betsy thrusts back against me. She has her second orgasm as I continually thrust against the opening burying my massive organ to the hilt. I don't stop as she reaches the throes of her orgasm and tries to enjoy its after effects. I have broken many women and know that if I continue to fuck the warm and wet pussy, she will continue to orgasm. I'm not wrong as Betsy regains her post orgasmic relaxation and returns to meeting thrust for thrust. As the stroking of the inferno between her legs continues Betsy has her third; her fourth and her fifth orgasm. As the last orgasm commences my nut sack explodes my seed into the willing receptacle of my lust. 

My seed explodes against her cervix and is forced out between my huge organ and the obscenely stretched sides of her love mound. The white gob drips down her legs and falls to the floor below her quivering ass cheeks. I raise myself up and withdraw my huge cock. As I do the flood gates are opened and my cum flows down the supple ass cheeks of Betsy before dripping to the floor. I take the shirt tails of the blouse and cleans my cum soaked cock on what 
was once a white shirt. As I wipe the cock off I see a small trail of blood on the shirt. I know that 
my latest fuck victim has a pussy that has been sparsely used and is probably ruptured as a result of my forceful fucking. Contented that the Betsy has been broken by my first insertion of seed, I tell her to go get cleaned up.
Betsy, confused, and now ashamed at her wanton sexual performance reaches for her discarded clothes. I'm standing on them; " You don't need your clothes. We would just have to take them off later." Betsy knows what I'm thinking. She can only imagine what I will demand of her tight body. 

Betsy gets up and staggers toward the bathroom to clean up, she adjusts her white blouse. She rebuttons the front and smooths the shirt over her supple hips. My seed runs down the inside of both her legs. Mournfully she looks at me. Not bothering to put my shorts back on I watch Betsy, looking directly her ass cheeks. Betsy returns to my office, she stands in front of me and I place my fingers against the tender and bruised pussy. " Does Betsy want to fuck again?" I question. Betsy contemplates the question before answering. Knowing that she needs to be very careful in her answer Betsy finally responds, " My pussy is bruised. I am very sore. I think you may have hurt me. 
Please don't make me do it again." 

I grab her arm and I walk swiftly down the hall to the bedroom. Her eyes tearing Betsy is led down the hall towards my bed. Once I get to the bedroom, I turn pulling Betsy into the room. I let go of her arm and orders the sobbing Betsy, " Strip me so that I can pleasure you again." Betsy's, eyes downcast, sets about unbuttoning my shirt. As she removes my jeans over my hips, she is again shocked at the size of my cock. It is again thick and long as 
hard as before. Instinctively she knows that she must suck my huge cock, she wraps her delicate lips around my cock. As she attempts to suck the large head into her mouth, I grab her hair and encourage her to accept more of my cock. Although the rough treatment seems harsh it only takes five minutes for the longing to return to Betsy's abused pussy. When I'm satisfied, I pull Betsy up. Since my large thighs are spread Betsy's long exquisite 
legs are stretched to the maximum. As she attempts to straddle me, her legs are bent at an awkward angle. She attempts to knee walk the best she can as I pull the blonde forward persuading her to press against me. 

When her face is next to mine I insert tongue into her sweet mouth. At first it nearly makes Betsy gag, but as she forces herself to become accustomed to the foul taste of scotch and cigar. She begins to thrust her tongue against my invading tongue. This subtle action encourages me to grab the alabaster ass cheeks and pull them forward and over my hard cock. As her tight pussy lips are pulled directly over my rigid nine inch pole I gently allows her cheeks to slide down the unbending manhood. She gasps as the first inches are bludgeoned into her tight pussy. She 
moans; but does not beg me to stop. There will be nothing but surrender as her pussy starts leaking its lubricating juices. I let Betsy control the depth that my cock is allowed to enter her precious chamber. Her juices rapidly coat my long penetrating rod as it enters her love canal more with each stroke. The sensations that my dark purple head feels as her pussy makes its journey increase with each stroke. I place my hands to Betsy's head pulling her 
small delicate mouth closer as I continue my oral assault. There is nothing but pleasure as the tempo continues to increase and Betsy desperately fights for control of the insertion depth of both my tongue and cock. 

Sensing that the time is near and mindful of my maximum pleasure, I place both hands on Betsy's hips and in 
one swift brutal motion buries my manhood to the hilt. The additional three inches send shock waves through Betsy's over sensitive brain waves as the tip plunges against the her never touched cervix. Trying to regain the depth control of my cock insertion Betsy rears back and lurches forward. However, I have no intention of relinquenching control of my pleasure and forcefully pull the escaping hips back to their intended position. I further enjoy the screams emitting from the parched throat of my plaything as each stroke brings me closer to my explosion. " Oh god, please, not so deep. You are tearing me apart," begs Betsy. The only response that she receives is another upward thrust from my pile driving ass below her delicate petite body. As my cock explodes, drenching my stretched pussy channel. I start sucking on Betsy's dainty neck working for the largest disfiguring dark hickey that my lips can inflict. The bruising of her sensitive neck tissue reddens quickly and turns a dark brown almost immediately. 

As my large cock starts to shrivel it becomes the ideal size to fill Betsy's pussy. Ironically as my large rod deflates it turns her into an overcharged fuck machine. For each micro millimeter that my cock contracts Betsy tries to complete her climax. I'm, fascinated by the tight manipulations of her, to climax. I merely sit allowing Betsy to do all the pleasure fulfilling moves. Betsy, hurries as she realizes my cock is rapidly becoming hard again. She is seeking her release thrusting her hips downward trying to capture the entire thickness. I'm, eager to increase her anxiety allowing my legs to slip further apart making Betsy to spread her splayed legs even more dramatically. " What you want Betsy?" I question. " Oh God, please finish me. I need it SO BAD!" begs Betsy. As she continues to thrash about, I give her a subtle thrust which increases the writhing woman pleasure. As Betsy struggles for closure she clamps her lips over my lips and mouth. Thrusting both her tongue and hips at the same time Betsy finally achieves her drawn out orgasm. 

Relaxing against me, she allows her body to fall limp against my body. My cock has regained its girth. As it hardens I give exhausted Betsy a gentle thrust. Betsy, cannot fully comprehend the pleasurable thrust. After several more, each with a greater hardness she begins to realize that I'm planning on taking her for another ride. My seed is seeping out between her outer lips and my huge log still embedded in her sweet bruised and sore pussy. Betsy is moaning, trying to stop the re-invigorated boss, " Please stop. I'm so tired." I could care less about the lithe woman. My cock is hard and I expect that she will provide the pleasure. It is time to take her petite, delicate butt. Looking at the small taunt ass cheeks of Betsy clenching against my thrusting cock makes my cock to twitch. Betsy didn't realize what I was doing until I applied cold K-Y lubricant to her wrinkled brown winking eye. At first she did not realize what the sensual massaging was leading to. Her wrinkled little eyelet is merely being sensuously massaged with a sticky gel. Her numb brain finally realized what her virgin ass is being prepared for when I insert my index finger to the first joint. By the second joint it is plainly clear. As I continue my finger fucking of her virgin asshole, my cock is probing deeper and deeper into her bruised and sore precious lubricated pussy. 

Ignoring the tight finger in her asshole Betsy begins to respond to my cock stretching and extending her love canal. As she sensuously sways her hips trying to gain more and more of my cock, she starts the powerful sex engine that is now driving her. Once started it cannot be turned off until final closure of satisfaction.